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The design and writing of websites is a revenue milk cow for many organisations.  As a consequence the costs of it are generally outrageous. 

4net and its associates are different.  Our charges to our clients are costed in the same way that they are for any other of our services. 

What does this mean for you?  Well we offer some fixed price site designs for small businesses as illustrated in table below:

UP & GO website design and management service

Type of Site

3 Page

4 Page

5 Page

10 Page

Standard Site using one of our generic, existing or .co/ domain name. 3 of your Graphics and 3 links per page, 6 submissions to at least 10 search engines per annum.





As you see, our standard prices include regular updating of search engines, after all a site is of no value if nobody knows that it exists. It also includes hosting for 12 months and a rewrite every year, if required.

We can, and often do, include special pages which can be updated, by you using your word processing program, on a frequency controlled by you.

Of course, like others, we also design other sites which are larger or require much more design work, for these we need to discuss the details with you before we can qoute for them.

This whole site was deliberately designed as an example of UP & GO, it would have been supplied to a customer for 525.00 plus VAT.
All of the details on each page excluding the menus, head  and domain searching, are designed so that they can be updated using the most popular word processors!