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Order Conditions

For the purposes of these conditions, 4post, its services, partners and agents are known as 4post or we.  The purchaser of the license is known as the subscriber or customer.

1.    The price for the first 12 months license for use of a or ename is 24.99 incl VAT.
2.    The renewal license cost is 14.99 incl VAT
3.    All prices are subject to change without notice.
4.    The name is only available for use of the mail forwarding service.
5.    The subscriber undertakes not to use the service in a manner which may violate UK national law, this includes to knowingly receive prohibited materials, via
6.    The service may be cancelled by the customer without notice but the providers will not refund any subscription or part thereof.
7.    In the event of the service being withdrawn by 4post, we will use its best endeavours to give at least 7 days notice, by Email unless the service is being withdrawn because of abuse by the customer.
8. will use its best endevours to maintain the service at all times.  However, 4post accepts no liabilty for system failure of service, in whole or in part, whatever the cause.