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Domain Name Lookup is able to acquire and host domain names for you.  It does not matter  if you want the domain for use now or in the future, acquiring the domain name NOW protects  that name for the period of registration.  REMEMBER names can now be registered for up to 10 years.

Domain Name Registration Fee's 9.99 for 2 Years 9.99 for 2 Years 9.99 for 2 Years 9.99 for 2 Years
.com 26.99 for 2 Years
.net 25.99 per Year
.org 25.99 per Year
.ws 29.99 per Year

All Fee's are per year unless otherwise stated and include redirection service !

To check a domain name with the relevant domain name registry simple enter your domain name in the box below and select the extension you would like, then click submit.

For example if you are interested in the domain '' just enter the root,ie. 'fred' in the box and select com as the extension.

For new domain registrations our prices cannot be beaten -  when you order a full website account from 4mail we will register your domain name with the naming authority for that domain name for you and apply these to our name servers for FREE.

If you choose a domain name there are currently no naming authority fees for the domain name as these will also be paid for by 4mail saving you over 80.

When comparing prices with other companies always remember to include the naming authority fees or you could end up paying more than you bargain for.